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Solomon Island Immersion Program

Part of the St. Peter's College Year 12 Program is an opportunity for students to participate in the end of year St. Peter’s College Solomon Island Immersion Program.

The Program, which comprises three key activities being: Fundraising, Cultural Learning and  the Immersion Trip is designed to enable our students to develop a greater understanding of themselves, in relation to the world at large, with particular emphasis on those countries that are still developing and are perceived to have a lesser lifestyle than the one they are accustomed to.

The Program will further cement with our students the many lessons they have learnt in their time at St. Peter’s College in regards to their responsibility in relation to not only their Education, Faith & Service, but how they can as a small group and individually impact positively in the greater community.

Students are invited to apply for inclusion at the beginning of their Year 12, and all activities are designed to minimise their distraction from their studies, while they maximise their benefits from the Program.

Fundraising Campaign:

Our VCAL Students undertake many fundraising activities throughout the year as part of their study program, with these funds contributing to the Solomon Islands overall amount donated each year. This adds to the amount raised by the students who are undertaking the trip, who hold a Trivia and Silent Auction usually on the first Friday evening in August in the College Multi-purpose Hall.

Prior to this the students, along with their friends, relatives and teachers, gather as many items and service vouchers as they can to go into a Silent Auction on the night. This along with ticket sales for the night, raise much needed funds for our Sister School in Honiara.  

Fundraising Tally:

"Since the inception of this program the students and staff have raised over $70,000, a wonderful effort, when we consider, it is generally raised from the single event with just a handful of students able to undertake this Program each year.

To date the funds have been spent by Bishop Epalle Catholic School to purchase a new school bus, cement the once dirt floor of the Staff room and office, & supply a number of lap-top computers. The funds from the last couple of years fundraising is ear marked to build a new building to house the School Library, some General Classrooms and Computer lab.