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St. Peter's College. Pursuit of Excellence Awards

13 August 2017 | General Interest

Pursuit of Excellence Awards 2017

2017 Pursuit of Excellence Pic.2

2017 Pursuit of Excellence Pic.1


Year 12 students must first have demonstrated a consistent work ethic that sets them up to pursue excellence, they must also have displayed diligence in all of their individual studies and finally they must have consistently completed work to a very high standard on all pieces of Assessed Coursework which have been submitted for formal school assessment.

Students were acknowledged in front of the whole Campus Assembly and their families and their names will be placed on the Senior Pursuit of Excellence Honour Board at their Campus.

East Campus

  • Tiffany Forbes
  • Chloe Shrimpton
  • Francesca Carganilla 

West Campus

  • Abby Breen
  • Jasmine Chua
  • Henry Cooke
  • Gemma Clover
  • Chloe Harbour
  • Zane Hyde
  • Dina Ivkovich
  • Britney Phillips
  • Ryan Thompson
  • Joseph Vechoorettu 
  • and James Toskov for VCal studies