2018 College Dux

It was with great pride that we acknowledged Patricia Dy as Dux of St. Peter’s College, based upon her 2018 VCE results. Patricia received an outstanding score of 90.7. She hopes to study either a combined degree in Arts and Science or a degree in Paramedicine at Monash University in 2019.

Patricia enjoyed an outstanding academic career in her time at St. Peter’s College. The journey to Dux begins early in a child’s education and Patricia’s teachers have consistently spoken of how she displayed an enthusiasm for learning throughout her schooling. She developed positive work habits and displayed excellent skills in organisation.

During Year 12, Patricia demonstrated dedication and consistency in her studies. Janelle McRae, who taught her VCE Legal Studies, commented on how she was fastidious in her note taking.  She was able to balance a range of commitments and her excellent results reflect these positive learning habits.

At St. Peter’s College, we focus on educating the whole person and Patricia is a testament to this philosophy. Not only did she excel academically, she made a significant contribution to the life of the College in her role as House Captain of Marian (East Campus). This is a time consuming job, but as the old saying goes, if you want something done, ask a busy person. Patricia’s house leader, Andrew Sambell, spoke of how Patricia was not only organised, but brilliantly personable with her peers. Emma van Rens, congratulated her on being the sort of person who could still become Dux, whilst absorbing multiple leadership roles at St Peter’s College.

The college community wishes Patricia the best for the future and congratulates her on such a wonderful achievement.

Chemistry 28, English 38, Legal Studies 41, Mathematical Methods 23, Psychology 37, & Biology 41