2018 Student Award Acknowledgments

Recognising all of our high achieving students.

Each year the College will recognise students achievements and contributions across all areas of their College life at our Presentation Night. Students are presented with Perpetual Shields which are then displayed within the College. In particular, it is important to recognise a student who has exemplified this virtue throughout her time at St. Peter’s College. The CEO Living Witness Award for 2018 was awarded to Emma Pocock. The College is proud to acknowledge Emma and her fellow award recipients for their achievements throughout the year.

A number of Perpetual Awards are presented to outstanding students across a number of activities.

Click here to view full list: 2019 College Annual Perpetual Awards

In order to recognise academic excellence in the most effective way, the College adopted a new approach to the allocation of academic awards. Each faculty at both the East and West Campuses gave an Academic Award for a student in each year level. This saw a greater diversity of learners being recognised for excellence. In addition to this, an Academic Dux was awarded for each year level across the College.

Click here to view full list: 2019 College Academic Awards

The College’s emphasis on Service as a foundation was evident throughout the night. These Awards take the form of House Spirit Awards, where we recognise Students who through participation in and representation of their House provide support, encouragement and the development of House Spirit, and St Peter’s Awards where we recognise that Students as they grow in maturity will experience, at times, a great reorientation or improvement in their attitude to school and to work.

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