Congratulations Dylan

The 2020 St Peters College Dux was Dylan Pattison with an ATAR score of 97.4. Dylan’s response to this outstanding result was that he felt overwhelmed and could not quite believe it. Dylan said he felt nervous going into the exams and especially the night before receiving his VCE marks, noting that he did not sleep well. Not only did Dylan receive the highest ATAR across the College but he was also Dux in all the subjects he studied this year.

Chemistry                                       38

English                                             40

Health & Human Development  36

Specialist Maths                            38

Dylan’s other VCE Unit 3 & 4 subject was Mathematical Methods which he studied in 2019. This year, Dylan also completed an accelerated unit of Mathematics at the University of Melbourne.

In what was a very challenging year, Dylan continued to participate diligently and competently in all facets of school life and had a 98% attendance rate on campus and in remote schooling. His manner was always positive and cheerful and he willingly shared his valuable insights with other students. His Learning Advisor, Mr Cameron Ross, noted that Dylan was particularly supportive of younger students in his Tutor Group.

Dylan wants to study Medicine in 2021 and is confident of an offer in Biomedicine at Monash University. We are hopeful that this outstanding result, together with a very strong UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) result earlier this year, may even result in direct entry into Medicine at Monash University. We wish Dylan all the best for his future.