2020 Student Leaders Announced

Last week the focus on student leadership was on speeches and interviews. One of the welcome additions over the past two processes has been the inclusion in the interview process of the current student leaders. So in the instance of the female College Captain, the current School Captain sits on the panel. This is a valuable experience for the incumbent student leader and from the College’s perspective provides valuable insights to the discernment process. It’s a win-win.

Congratulations to all who presented themselves to the College community. You made a clear statement that you are ready to serve. The motto of “Be Not Afraid” is evidenced in each and every one who put up their hand. Leadership is on display for everyone to see when you elect to put yourself forward. Congratulations to our successful candidates, we look forward to your contributions and leadership. It is also important to highlight that leadership is not about a title but what we do to serve others and, in this case, service the community of St. Peter’s College. What was evidenced through this process was that we have many leaders who are ready and willing to lead and serve.

This week we excitedly announce the successful student leaders who form the Student Executive for 2020.

Leadership Position Clyde North Campus Cranbourne Campus
College Captains Sophie Lingaya & Jaden Ward  Talia Parker & Brendon Quintall
Liturgy Captain Ashley Beley     Gabrielle Hill
Social Justice Captain   Shruti Naushad   Mia Clauscen
Arts Captain  Jessica Bravo    Ruby Smith
Environment Captain  Aaron Suaisa   Joshua Bennett
Sports Captains    Rochelle Datson & Joshua Butler   Talya Cunnington & Matthew Phillips