2021 College Dux

The College Dux for 2021 was Milly Cortese.  Milly achieved an ATAR score of 94.2.  Her subject scores were:

Biology:                                                                46

Psychology (2020):                                             41

Further Maths:                                                   40

Physical Education:                                            40

English                                                                 39

Milly also studied a subject in Semester 1 through Deakin University and completed one unit in Disability & Inclusion.

Milly is the epitome of the St Peter’s College student that we set out to nurture. She is the result of a committed and wonderful family who have supported her educational choices and trusted her judgment.  Her parents, Kirsty and Tim have communicated respectfully and consistently with the school to ensure that family-school partnership was real and active in Milly’s education.

Milly has focussed on her studies from her beginning in Year 7 at St Peter’s College and consistently worked hard.  However, she has always balanced her commitment to study with good friendships and a healthy co-curricular life.  This included participation in the SIS Basketball and Indoor Cricket teams.  She was active in the Annual House Swimming, Cross Country, and Athletics Carnivals. She also continued with her part time work as a swim teacher at Carrum Down.

Milly stated “I always tried to do my best and not compare myself to others.  I wanted balance – not overworking, doing exercise and going on walks and runs.”

During her 6 years of schooling at St Peter’s College , Milly was an active member of the Student Representative Council in Years 8 & 11. She was MacKillop House Vice Captain in Year 11 and School Captain through the tumultuous 2021.  Milly was a worthy winner of the Living Witness Award this year.

Milly hopes to study Occupational Therapy at Monash University at the Peninsula Campus.  Well done Milly.

Mr David Hansen

Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching