2021 Curriuclum Handbook

Your child’s subject selection for the 2021 school year is of critical importance. It is why we, at St Peter’s College, invest so much time and energy into making this an engaging process for our students. It is important because:

  • Students will get most success in a subject when they do something that they enjoy, are good at and/or need for their chosen course or occupation
  • Late changes to chosen subjects or courses cause significant disadvantage for students because they then miss crucial teaching and learning that they struggle to catch up on
  • We work out what subjects are timetabled next year by student choice. If students don’t choose a subject, then it will not run

Curriculum Handbook

The 2021 Curriculum Handbook is a detailed electronic resource that students and parents can access on our website for excellent and accurate information about all subjects and courses offered at St Peter’s College. Please use this as a first reference point, however, if you or your child needs further assistance please do not hesitate to contact either their Learning Advisor or House Leader.

David Hansen

Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

St. Peter's College on-line 2021 Curriculum Handbook
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