2021 Monash Scholars Recipients

St. Peter’s College Congratulates our 2021 Monash Scholars Recipients

Monash Scholars is a prestigious program for high achieving secondary school students. The program is offered by Monash University to give high potential students a unique head start into university life. It provides opportunities for personal and academic development, as well as, giving students the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the right study choices. It also enables them to expand their network of like-minded peers.

Natalie D’Souza

Clyde North Campus

What motivates you to succeed in your schooling? I am driven to succeed by my motivation to be a lifelong learner. I have developed a hardworking and driven nature which motivates me to strive for greatness. Close family, friends and teachers also encourage me to aim for success, supporting me through my academic endeavours and guiding me through challenges. The feeling of pride from success also motivates me to work hard for myself. 

What goals do you wish to achieve for the remainder of your secondary schooling? I wish to continue learning with curiosity and enjoy my final years of secondary school. I hope to take on a role of  leadership within the school community and continue working hard to achieve my academic goals. 

What are the keys to being a successful learner? I believe that a successful learner emerges from taking initiative, charge and responsibility for your learning. Successful learners have self confidence, believing in themselves and their capabilities. They show persistence and have the determination to improve mistakes and extend their learning. Successful learners hold high expectations for themselves and ensure their hard work pays off to exceed expectations. 

What career pathway do you hope for yourself? Currently, I am unsure of a single career aspiration, I am keeping myself open to various possibilities and using high school as an opportunity to explore my aspirations. I have always been passionate about a career in STEM and plan on directing my career path in the science field. A career in STEM will enable me to explore the excitement and beauty of the natural world and contribute to the understanding of life on Earth and beyond. A career in STEM will stimulate my mind and allow me to be constantly questioning and learning in everything I do. 


Dilmi Ratnayake

Cranbourne Campus

What motivates you to succeed in your schooling? My main motivation to succeed in school is so that in the future I can work in a career that I really enjoy and help others.

What goals do you wish to achieve for the remainder of your secondary schooling? Some goals I wish to achieve in my last years of secondary schooling are getting more involved with extracurricular activities such as becoming a Forum Leader or joining a new club. Up until now, I have been more academically focused, so in the coming years I want to try new things and expand my involvement in the College.

What are the keys to being a successful learner? I believe one of the main keys to being a successful learner is not being afraid to speak up when you are struggling. One of my weakest subjects used to be maths, and I thought that I was hopeless in Algebra until I asked my teachers for some extra help. I know it can be difficult to reach out but it is always the first step in improving yourself.

What Career pathway do you hope for yourself? The career pathway I hope to achieve for myself is working in the medical field as a Perioperative Nurse. I’ve always wanted to work in a job that I can help others in, and I know that I will put all my effort into it.