St. Peter’s College Enrolment Action Plan
  1. St. Peter’s College Prospectus
  2. Read Enrolment Handbook and St. Peter’s College Supplementary Enrolment Information
  3. Complete and submit Enrolment Application Form
    -Parents must sign the Application Form
    -Application Processing payment must be received with Enrolment Application Form
    -Incomplete Enrolment Forms will not be processed
    -Submitting an Enrolment Application Form is NOT a guarantee of acceptance
  4. Supply all required Docmention
  5. Consider Subject choices from our Curriculum Handbook (if applicable)
  6. Attend an Interview. Applicants will be contacted to organise a suitable interview time, parent/guardian & student will be required at attend
  7. Be prepared to accept offer and pay enrolment fee after the interview
  8. Diarise Key Dates

Be prepared to continue the process as outlined in ‘Accepting A Place’ once Letter of Offer is received

The offer of a place will be at the discretion of our Principal. If the need arises he may establish a waiting list with priority order.

St. Peter's College Prospectus