Australian of the Year Craig Challen Visit

Take courage it is I; ‘Be Not Afraid’

St. Peter’s Day Celebration

This day is always a wonderful celebration which showcases our community spirit and connectedness.

The best part of this day is the involvement and engagement of students, especially those that support fundraising stalls, raising funds for the Sale Diocese Trinity Families and those that provide the entertainment throughout the day.

This year’s St. Peter’s Day took on special significance as during our formal Campus Assembly, attended by all staff & students, we were fortunate to hear from Craig Challen, Australian of the Year, who was one of the divers who contributed to saving the lives of twelve boys and their coach in Thailand.

The message Craig delivered focussed on grabbing hold of opportunities and not wait for them to come to you. His story had the audience spellbound, highlighting our College student motto and 2019 College Annual theme; take courage it is I; Be Not Afraid

Craig Challen (with fellow Australian of the year, South Australian Richard Harris) led a heroic rescue under the spotlight of the world’s media. They placed the safety of others above their own and inspired hope when all hope seemed lost. Their selflessness, courage and willingness to help others in a time of need typifies the Australian spirit.

“His story of how twelve boys and their coach were saved was a miracle and provided us all with the inspiration to make a difference. It was a privilege to meet and listen to Craig”. Mr Chris Black, Principal St. Peter’s College

“It made me think that if I saw someone in need, even if I was not part of the situation, that if you thought I could make a difference I should put yourself forward”. Stevan Yr 12

“He was inspiring to listen to and made me feel more appreciative of life and grateful that we are surrounded with selfless people who will help out if they see a need”. Caitlyn Yr 8

“Miracles do happen” Pandora Yr 9