Catholic Education Week Award Recipient

Recognition of 20 Years or more service to Catholic Education

Mrs Rahda Nadan, Teacher, Clyde North Campus

I started my career as a teacher of Maths and Science at Lavalla College, formally known as Catholic Regional College. During this period I taught at the senior Campus and had the opportunity to teach Maths and Science at the Year 10, 11 and 12. I was very much involved in the schools transition to technological advancement in the area of curriculum development and online reporting.

I gained a wealth of experience and knowledge from teaching at Lavalla College as I had limited experience in many facets of school work coming from Fiji with only 7 years of teaching. I was involved in Examination and SAC marking and also became a Maths Faculty co-ordinator for a short period of time. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Catholic education and the values they instigated in the young people.

In 2001 my family moved to Melbourne when I joined the teaching fraternity of St. Peters College. My career in teaching further progressed and I continued to enjoy my time teaching and shaping young minds in Maths and Science. At the end of last year I was awarded St. Peter’s College Valedictorian Medal.

Currently I am on the verge of retirement.