Catholic Education Week Award Recipient

Recognition of 20 Years or more service to Catholic Education

Mr Jim Constantinou, ICT Coach & Teacher, Cranbourne Campus

I finished my Diploma of Education in 1992 after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Maths & Computing. My first position in a Catholic school was at Emmanuel College in 1995 where I started as a full-time teacher and then, 1 year into doing this, the College was wanting to start adding computers to the school and go to an electronic reporting system, so I was approached to be the first IT Manager of the College. Hence starting my journey into the ICT realm in education. I was then part of introducing the College to connecting to the Internet for the first time and growing the computing access for both staff and students.

Since then to the present day and through my various IT related roles within the Schools I have been part of:

  • Creating and managing and growing the IT infrastructure at Emmanuel College while also being the Head of Department for IT and also setting up the VET CISCO program for the College
  • Introducing and managing the 1-1 program at the Academy of Mary Immaculate via their ICT Strategic Plan
  • Professional development of staff in various ICT tools and Learning Management Systems to help enhance the teaching and learning throughout my time in Schools

I have also maintained being in the classroom teaching maths and computing throughout my time in schools. Having a balance between middle leadership roles and classroom teaching has helped me grow, develop and truly understand how technology, in particular, have impacted on our teaching and learning for both staff and students.

My current position is as ICT Coach and Teacher at St. Peter’s College, Cranbourne Campus, where I am continuing my lifelong journey of teaching and learning and helping to contribute to the education of both students and teachers.