Catholic Education Week Award Recipient

Ashley Beley, 2020 Year 12 Graduate

Recipient Elizabeth Hunt Bursary

I have always been exposed to Catholicism as I grew up in a very religious home. Ever since I was little I have always had the idea of teaching in my head. I would come up with classroom layout ideas, different activities for my imaginary students as well as draw on walls as if they were my whiteboards. I could never imagine myself at a regular 9-5 desk job and have always known that I had a fondness of not only kids but being able to teach and help people. Taking part in religion and society this year, I have realised how much I enjoy the study of Catholicism; where it began, issues it faced etc. It is this year that I came to the full realisation that religion is something that deeply fascinates me. I wish to be able to share my knowledge and faith to my future students even in small bits of their day. I do not believe in imposing a religion upon people, my goal is to simply remind them that there is someone or something out there that is always there to listen and support them in times of struggles.

Outside of school I am a part of a youth organisation called Youth for Christ. Youth for Christ is an organisation that falls under Couples for Christ which my parents are also a part of. YFC has been able to evangelise through entry camps, activities as well as programs that enable us to give back by entertaining people that may no longer get regular visits in aged care. I am also blessed to be able to lead as a Chapter Head of YFC (South-East Chapter) and work with others in delivering the best possible talks and activities for the growth of the members.