Catholic Education Week Award Recipient

Milly Cortese, Year 12 Student

Recipient of Fr James Wall Bursary 2020

Each year the Bursary is awarded to Catholic secondary school students who demonstrate leadership potential in a range of areas including academia, arts, sporting activities, community service and social justice activities.

Milly was selected as one of four students across Australia to receive the 2019 Father James Wall Bursary ‘Leadership Achievement Award’ Award consisting of a $4,000 Bursary to assist with school fees while undertaking Years 11 and 12.

Miss Cortese provided evidence of her leadership across a range of areas at St. Peter’s College and demonstrated significant community participation. She embraces the St. Peter’s College motto, “Be Not Afraid” and engages wholeheartedly in the offerings available at the college. Milly is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to experience new opportunities. She is dedicated to her academic studies but is also able to look beyond herself by engaging in events and programs that are designed to support the needs of others. Outside of school, Milly is involved in a variety of community work. She is a rare student who is able to shape future student leaders while also contributing to the school community in her own right.