Catholic Education Week Award Recipient

Recognition of 20 Years or more service to Catholic Education

Mr Chris Black, Principal

Graduating in 1988 and securing a Health and PE position at Killester College in that same year I have been priviliged to be in Catholic Education for 33 years. It seems like only yesterday that I was running around the oval with whistle in hand! Killester College and more importantly the Brigidine sisters made a lasting impression on who I am as educator and person. To welcome all, particularly the most vulnerable and being of service to others with strength and kindliness are touchstones of the Brigidines and have been a source of inspiration in my teaching and in my role as leader.

One of the greatest highlights for me has been the people I have met along my journey thus far, students, parents educators and educational leaders. They continue to inspire me to be more and do more.

I have been fortunate to be a leader in a school setting for all but my first year of teaching and this has provided me with the opportunity to get the most out of myself and I hope of those that I have met along my professional journey to date.

I am fortunate, after one year as Deputy Principal at St. Peter’s College in 2016 to be appointed to the Principalship of St. Peter’s College the following year. It is a job that challenges me, (exhausts me) and excites me each and every day. St. Peter’s College motto is: ‘Be Not Afraid’. It speaks to and encourages all to continue to strive beyond existing capacities and capabilities to reach their full potential. It is the most rewarding of experiences to play a role in facilitating this in our young people today.