Clyde North Campus 2023 Student Executive

College Leaders for 2023 Announced

I take this opportunity to congratulate our recently announced College Leaders for 2023. Once again in 2023 we have an impressive group of individuals who collectively are charged with the responsibility of supporting and leading our student body. The two teams of eight young people will be co-responsible for enriching the culture and further enhancing the sense of community of the College. The 2023 leaders spoke of the pride they have in belonging to the St.Peter’s College community and wish to enhance that sense of pride in others.

Our College Captains and Executive Leaders of 2023, from this point on, are called upon to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to serve our College Community at every opportunity
  • Display a commitment to be an effective team player
  • Make a commitment to leave the college in a better place than they found it
  • Possess a passion to develop the student voice
  • To be that positive influence on all those they meet
  • To further develop a sense of pride in being a member of the St Peter’s College community

Chris Black, Principal

Clyde North Campus Leaders for 2023:

College Captain – Female, Marcelina Tombra; College Captain – Male, Jake Bennett; Liturgy Captain, Abigail Muigai; Social Justice Captain, Mia Legeant; Arts Captain, Zealandia Schwalger; Environment Captain, Vandan Patel; Sports Captain – Female, Hasrat Gill; Sports Captain – Male, Adam Butler