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Knights of St. Peter’s College 2019 SIS Chess Champions!



Chris O’Hara, Chess Club Coordinator, Cranbourne Campus

The 2019 Chess season was always going to be a year of mixed feelings. With long serving members Darcy, Anthony, Sandeepa, Finlay, Stevan and Mason completing their final year of studies, the glory days seemed like they were coming to an end.

In Term 2, we hosted the Casey Zonal Championship. Schools from the local area travelled to St. Peter’s College to qualify for the State Championships. It was the home team, the mighty “Knights of St. Peter’s” who were victorious and qualified a team of four for the State Championships.

In Term 3, students represented their House to take on rival Houses in the annual St. Peter’s College Interhouse Chess Competition, which would earn points toward the McGuigan Shield. Student participation was excellent, with both male and female competitors from Years 7 to 12 representing their Houses.

The finals of the Interhouse Chess Competition at the Cranbourne Campus saw a packed courtyard, with reigning champions Augustine House’s Anthony, taking on Marion House’s Jason. Romero House’s Darcy and Avila House’s Finlay battled it out for the minors, with Finlay coming up victorious in the dying seconds. In the Grand Final, the eventual winner was Augustine House creating history with victory four years in a row! Augustine House’s Anthony Ouch was blessed with the honour of the central courtyard being named after him for a day.

The Interhouse Chess Competition gave a great “pre-season” insight into the S.I.S. Championship at Berwick Grammar. The College once again had a very strong team on the day, and with Anthony, Darcy and Finlay all undefeated, the St. Peter’s Knights were unstoppable.  They went on to be clear winners on the day, making it back-to-back SIS Champions.

The team then travelled to Maribyrnong College for the State Championships. The competition was fierce with some outstanding competitors from rival schools. The students gained a lot of experience from the day, but most of all they represented the College with pride. An overall final result of 7th was an outstanding effort, which again qualified the St. Peter’s College Knights for the National Competition being held in December.

As I reflect on the service that these fine gentlemen have given the College over the years, I am pleased to say that their role modelling of playing chess during lunchtimes seems to have grown the popularity of the game! There appears to a new wave on the horizon, ready to fill the void.

To Darcy (Knights Captain), Anthony, Sandeepa, Finlay, Stevan and Mason: thank you for your dedication to the mighty Knights of St. Peter’s College over your time here. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending competitions with you, and I was not only proud of the way you played, but the way you conducted yourselves. You were a credit to the College. I have enjoyed your friendship, sharing laughs and mostly, watching you play. “Good luck in your future endeavours”

Every Wednesday, throughout Term 1, 2 and 3, our students meet during their lunchtime to battle it out for the St. Peter’s College Inter-House Chess Competition.

During Term 3, St. Peter’s College students represent their College in the SIS Inter-School Chess Championship.

The SIS Chess Championship is open to any student from Years 7 – 12.

St. Peter’s College has a team of players, with a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 14 players in the team.

The tournament is run according to the Swiss format by SIS.


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