“…Debating helps you to improve your public speaking and teaches you how to think on your feet”


Michelle Roberts, SIS Debating Coordinator, Clyde North Campus

Our 2019 Debating season began with great enthusiasm. Our veterans of last year set the goal of outdoing their fledgling performances in their debut season last year, and were well-rewarded for their efforts!

Welcoming more Year 7 and 9 students into the group doubled the size of our team to contest the Southern Independent Schools Competition in July and August, at John Paul College in Frankston.

Teamwork shone as everyone worked hard at lunchtimes to prepare interesting and well-considered cases in the prepared debates.  The issues included: social media ‘friends’, the importance of zoos, research in Antarctica, and militant vegan protests.

Seeing tight teamwork prevail under the pressure of quickly preparing the unprepared topics on the day was fantastic, as each team member rose to the challenge of developing their arguments and presenting their cases. A highlight of this challenging exercise was that many of our debaters listened carefully to the feedback offered by experienced Debaters Association of Victoria adjudicators, and applied their advice to their efforts later in the day. Their diligence was rewarded with improvements in their scores and positive feedback from the adjudicators, several of whom complimented the accompanying staff on the growing talent they had noticed in our students!

As our teams become more successful, it was lovely to see more of our students being recognised with ‘Best Speaker’ accolades. Janice Yates, Kaleb Ward, Angelina Nou and Alliah Garcia were acknowledged for having the highest individual scores in their debates. In our final day of competition, St. Peter’s College Clyde North was victorious in 9 out of 12 debates. Overall, it was a terrific season with some great learning and fun!

“I was part of the Debating Team which was an amazing opportunity. You debate about minor world issues that are occurring at the time. Debating helps you to improve your public speaking and teaches you how to think on your feet.”. Katlyn Tai – Student

Debating not only improves public speaking skills, but also, encourages quick thinking and teamwork. It allows the students to develop self-confidence and the ability to formulate arguments. Whilst students are required to argue one point of view, debating requires students to be aware of opposing views when formulating a stance. Debating has had a proud tradition at St. Peter’s College for many years.

As part of the SIS Sport and Cultural Competition St. Peter’s College students compete in the Junior and Senior Divisions.

Students meet during their lunchtime to develop their debating acumen, and teams are chosen in the second half of the year to represent the College.

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