“In this modern day, taking care of the environment has become more important than ever”

Here at St. Peter’s College, we understand the environment is vital and requires care. In this modern day, taking care of the environment has become more important than ever. The Environment Club has been aiming to educate and lead the students in order to become an environmentally sustainable school.

St. Peter’s College is committed to making our environment the best it possibly can be.

Each year, our College Community is led by our College Environment Captain, not only in our Environment Week activities, where numerous activities and initiatives highlights the need for change and respect for our environment, but throughout the year and into years to come with student led initiatives.

Students with their Houses, compete each Semester for our Environment Trophy, by undertaking day to day environmental activities with the focus on litter, sustainable gardening, energy conservation, and support of third world neighbouring countries with collection of unwanted school text and stationery supplies.

Our focus is to highlight the effects of climate change and the impacts it has on people around the globe, as well as to show what we as individuals can do.

Our Clyde North Campus has a long tradition of a student led Environment Club and continue to achieve great things. Students from a range of Year levels and Houses attend meeting to promote and discuss the House Environment Shield competitions. At these meetings, the Enviro Club also discussed how we could put an end to balloons being released on the Year 12 final day. This was in line with the Zoos Victoria campaign: “When balloons fly, seabirds die”. With St Peter’s College being so close to two coasts, staff and students alike wanted to be part of the solution.

Our 2020 Cranbourne Campus, Environment Captain, Joshua Bennett, had this to say:

“This has been a year of great difficulties, but a year of progress nonetheless. For the Environment Club, this year began with great ambitions, and a determination to get things done. In term Four of 2019, the Environment Club once again hosted the Kimbe Project, collecting stationary at the end of the year to send to less fortunate kids in the Papua New Guinea. As always, this project allowed for everyone to come together for a great cause, lowering waste and helping others”.

“Throughout the course of this year, Mr. Barton and I worked together to organise a compost system for the College, as we aimed to limit the amount of food waste in the school. We applied for multiple grants, repeatedly getting shortlisted, then just missing out on the grants, but we pushed forward nonetheless. Our grand vision incorporated an operating compost system that would support a garden of indigenous flora, for curricular and aesthetic purposes. Whilst we were unable to secure funding for the garden, our proposed compost system was given the green light by the VCAL teachers, just before lockdown was engaged. This project has great potential for the St. Peter’s College Cranbourne Campus community in the years to come. Once established, it will realise the first step in what will hopefully be a series of changes in the way that staff and students think about, and enact their disposal of waste products”.

“During lockdown, we ran an on-line activity, encouraging students to embrace the environment and be more environmentally friendly whilst stuck at home. This photo activity had a great turn out, with many students developing a green thumb. We always encourage students to be green whenever they can, and it was great to see everyone embracing the environment, even in the most difficult of circumstances. In line with this remote approach to environmentalism, the Environment Club was invited to the first digital environment summit with our peers at Nossal High School. This forum, to share ideas and knowledge, was a taste of what will hopefully become a continued connection into the future”.

“A textile collection activity was organized, collaborating with an Australian company, to decrease the school community’s carbon footprint. Alas, this activity was also put on the shelf as we went back to lockdown just as the activity was planned to start. This year has been a year of hard work on behalf of Mr Barton and myself, but the seeds have been planted for years to come, with many activities in place and plans prepared.”

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