Public Speaking

‘Toastmasters’ state that Public Speaking focuses on the development of communication and leadership.

St. Peter’s College as an active member of the SIS Sport and Cultural Program competes in the SIS Public Speaking Championship which was added to the Program in 2014

The Program and Competition is open to any student from Years 7 to 10 to represent the College.

The Junior section is open to any student in Years 7 & 8 and the Intermediate Section is open to any student in Years 9 & 10.

Students meet during their lunchtime to undertake coaching in the art of Public Speaking and a team is then chosen to represent the College in the SIS Competition, with the focus on the three main criteria of Public Speaking:

  • The subject matter should be well constructed
  • The delivery must be convincing and engaging
  • The words of the speech should be concise, precise and accessible to the audience


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