Social Justice Program

‘With the servant leadership of Peter as our model, we aspire to strengthen the qualities of all those in our community so that they may lead with wisdom, compassion and courage’

St. Peter’s College has a strong tradition of Social Justice.

‘Walking in the footsteps of St. Peter, we will celebrate our Catholic faith founded on Christ’s message of love, justice and service’

“We have raised money, donated goods and walked alongside some of those living on the fringes of our society”

Programs include Ozanam House in North Melbourne and volunteering at Vinnies Cranbourne, partnerships between our Youth Ministry Students with local aged care facilities, such as Willow Wood Aged Care, all the while getting first hand experience in all that these organisations, and others like them, achieve every day. 

As well as these activities the St. Peter’s College Student Body, as a whole, undertakes many fundraising activities throughout their year.

Students and Staff have raised funds to support the annual Caritas Project Compassion Appeal, The Winter Blanket Appeal for St. Vincent de Paul, Harmony Day and several free dress or theme days to raise money for the Bishop of Sale, Charitable Fund.



Ryan Brack, 2019 College Social Justice Captain, Cranbourne Campus

Although the year has gone by so quickly as Social Justice Captain, I have had a wonderful and busy time with the honour of representing St. Peter’s College Cranbourne Campus and its Social Justice focus in 2019.

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing a higher participation of junior year level students such as my fellow students, Tameika Harris-Hallam and Matthew Sinclair, leading the Breakfast Club this year. My 2019 Social Justice goal was to boost the importance of social justice as a Catholic school, and the gradual re-build of membership in the Social Justice Group, Breakfast Club and Mini-Vinnies.

Events such as the Vinnies Winter Sleepout on Friday 23 August , showed me a true sense of the word ‘generosity’ of time.The number of students in Years 10 to 12 that put their names up to participate gave me such pride.

Since Year 7, I have experienced many facets of the College Social Justice Group, including highs and lows. It has been great in helping me become more mature as a young adult, through recognising issues in our society. I reminisce about when students and staff in the Social Justice Group first agreed to be part of the St. Vincent de Paul partnership in the Cranbourne area, and I am one of the last of the original members of this group.

Many exciting things have happened since then and there are many people who I think of when mentioning this wonderful and amazing journey that I have had. It has taken me from being a shy young boy, to a passionate promoter, and an ‘all hands in’ helper, and most importantly, this year becoming the leader of Social Justice at St. Peter’s College. While I have helped many Social Justice Captains in the past, it is teachers like Mr. Greg Nelson, Ms. Maria Gonsalvez and Mr. Matthew Williams who are the people who lead the ideas of social justice.  They are not always at the front, but they are the ones that create a positive change to the way a person thinks about or experiences an issue in our society.

It is my belief, the ones who demonstrate the human condition of helping others are the ones who deserve the leadership the most, and the ones to look out for.



Jie Xin (Ophelia) Heng, 2019 College Social Justice Captain, Clyde North Campus

It has meant so much to me to be the College Social Justice Captain this year, I’ve learnt so much and have become a different person. I have a newfound courage within myself, and a much greater appreciation for hardworking leaders. Being the Social Justice Captain has given me the opportunity to work with other strong leaders too.  It’s always good to see how other people lead, so you can all learn from each other.

An initial big challenge for me was trying to find people to help out, but it was just a matter of seeking them out.  I found there were many willing to give a hand when it was needed. I also found it hard to find time to get things done. Everyone always had something going on, and it was always difficult to plan a time when everyone was available.

A highlight for me was getting the Breakfast Club up and running! Sometimes it is not as full as we would have liked, but it was a great feeling to see people coming into the warm environment and getting along so well.

Social Justice at a Catholic school is very important, because of our Catholic values. It is about being servant leaders, loving our neighbours and following the path of Jesus. I might even say it’s one of the most important parts of attending a Catholic school. It’s a part of our Catholic identity and it’s a great way to express faith. It’s taking the things we talk about doing and actually doing them.

I would like to especially thank Ms. Elouise Johnson (RE Learning & Teaching Coach) and Mr. Matthew Williams (Deputy Principal, Faith & Catholic Identity) for helping me accomplish so much in my role as Social Justice Captain.

Term 1

In 2020 Caritas Fundraising will Kick Off again with Pancakes…..

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A ‘Very Special Thank You’ to all St. Peter’s College students and staff who work throughout the year to further develop our program of Social Justice, not only within our College Community but to our community at large.

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