Kolbe House

In 2016 Kolbe supported and raised funds for an organisation called ‘One Girl’


Kolbe House – One Girl

Who or what is One Girl?

“One Girl was inspired by a chance meeting with a 14 year old girl named Brenda. A girl who had been wandering the streets and asking strangers for help to pay for her school fees. After hearing Brenda’s story, we knew we had to help. But we didn’t want to stop there. Why stop at one girl when there are over 60 million girls around the world who have never had the opportunity to go to school?”

“We’ve started our work in Sierra Leone, West Africa. One of the worst places on earth to be born a girl”.

To read more about One Girls story please click here:

Kolbe House raised just over $300 in one event, which supported one girl receiving an education in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our fundraiser was a fashion parade.

The CEO of One Girl, Chantelle Baxter, visited the College in Term 2 to speak with our students.

To find out more information on how you can get involved please click here
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