SPC Chaplaincy Fund

St. Peter’s College Staff Association supports those families within our College community who are in need of financial support from time to time

Each year the College Staff Association holds several fundraising events to provide funds that are available for our families who may find themselves in need of some immediate financial assistance.

‘Toss the Coin’ held during our New Staff Induction Morning Tea, each December, is always a favourite amongst all members of the staff. Prizes are donated by the staff, ensuring that all funds raised goes to the SPC Chaplaincy Fund.

Our End of Year Staff Association Luncheon is a major contributor to this fund. Staff collect and donate items for the ‘Big Raffle’ and have the opportunity to go home with a gift or two from the draw. Money Squares and Auctions of items also contribute to the final fundraising sum which aims to show solidarity with those in our community experiencing financial hardship.

To donate directly to the fund, or donation of goods and services used for fundraising please contact the College