Visual Art

St. Peter’s College is committed to bringing the best of our students Art and Technology work to our Annual Art & Technology Exhibition and Awards Evening

SIS Art & Technology Exhibition

As a Member of Southern Independent Schools (SIS) St. Peter’s College participates in the SIS Art & Technology Exhibition for Year 7-10 students artwork displayed in the Gallery in Frankston for two weeks and Year 7-12 student artwork for one week.

The event is kicks off with ‘The Opening Night’ which involves a Guest Speaker and students are invited to attend with families to showcase their artwork.

St. Peter’s College Art & Technology Exhibition and Awards Evening

St. Peter’s College takes great pride in its student works and endeavours and each year is committed to bringing the best of our students Art and Technology work to our Annual Art & Technology Exhibition. The Exhibition is open for viewing by our families, our local Primary School students and other members of the community over two and a half days. It is from these works that judging is undertaken to award the Annual Principal’s Art Prize and Technology Prize.

Principal’s Prize for Art

Each year, one student’s Artwork is chosen by our Principal to receive The Principal’s Art Prize.

The recipient and their work is announced and acknowledged at the end of year at St. Peter’s College Presentation Night, with the work being procured by the College, framed and then exhibited in the College Arts Precinct for one year and afterwards it is moved and displayed in their College House from then on, with a plaque acknowledging the student and their House.


Year Student House
1997 Carla Edgerton
1998 Kane Foster-Swan
1999 Sarah O’Callaghan
2000 Ben Henderson
2001 Joel Melrose
2002 unknown
2003 Anna Van Den Broek
2004 Annabelle Hawking
2005 Calliope Alexandris
2006 Kristy Richardson-Atkins
2007 Ryan Barwise
2008 Amy Francis
2009 Michelle Molinari
2010 Kaitlyn Walker
2011 Paige Bailey Glowrey House
2012 Ryan Pola Assisi House
2013 Cameron Lynch Augustine House
2014 Mikaela Giaquinta Assisi House
2015 Meghan Horlock Assisi House
2016 Latisha Dalton Assisi House
2017 - Cranbourne Campus Alexandria Shashkoff Glowrey House
2017 - Clyde North Campus Eugena Medvid Avila House
2018 - Cranbourne Campus Emma Smith Romero House
2018 - Clyde North Campus Arizona Durbin Avila House
2019 - Cranbourne Campus Phoebe Takla Glowrey House
2019 - Clyde North Campus Cassandra Guevarra Augustine House