Vocals & Instrumental Music

Music Ministry classes along with choirs and instrumentalists from both Campuses, perform in numerous events throught the year.

Music at St. Peter’s College

St. Peter’s College Music enriches each student’s cultural development through the development of creativity and innovation through music. The creation of performance, understanding and development of creativity is fostered through the discipline and art of music. This process stimulates personal, intellectual and social growth and has a positive, life-long influence. Students are given the opportunity to explore their talents through many and varied performances throughout the year.

Our VET Music Program includes both the Performance and Sound Production streams across three year levels, while our Choral Program develops the whole student through various ensembles throughout the students schooling at St. Peter’s. Music Ministry is another program which runs alongside Religious Education in Years 10-12. This program prepares students for musical performance and exploration through the study of liturgical singing and Catholic teachings. The Music Ministry classes perform for our College Masses throughout the year.

With the construction of new state of the art facilities, a growing instrumental program, biannual College Musical Production, five different choirs and numerous other ensembles, music and the greater Performing Arts is a place where your child can discover their talents and express themselves in a safe and friendly environment.

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