College Comes Together as One to Commemorate Anzac Day 2020

College Captains as part of the 2020 Anzac day Light Up The dawn End of Driveway Commemoration

Even though we could not be together in our classrooms we came together as one to commemorate Anzac Day in 2020.

Our Cranbourne and Clyde North VCAL students put together the video presentations.

“Their presentation reminded us that we are not the first generation to face enormous challenge and just like those who have gone before us, we will come out the other end stronger and more appreciative of what we have, just as long as, like the ANZACs of Gallipoli, we all ‘lean in’ to each other, meeting the challenges together”. Jeremy Wright, Deputy Principal Head of Cranbourne Campus

These are some reflections from a few of the students who worked on these presentations:

 “Something that inspired me most learning about the Anzac’s was that they sacrificed their lives for other people. It is important for us to commemorate ANZAC day because it is important to remember the victims and what they were fighting about”. – Saphyre

“…the ANZACs all needed to stick together. And look out for one another”   – Ke’arn

“…I have learned from the ANZAC’s was that they had to work as a team, looking after each other and always sticking together” – Thomas

“What most inspired me about the Anzac is how many people put their lives at risk for our own country, the people who died for us” – Jasmin

“What inspired me most about the ANZACs was the dedication of the soldiers that fought and died for our country” – Riley

“The thing that inspired me the most was when they sacrificed their life to fight for our country. It is important to commemorate Anzac Day every year because we pay respects to those who fought for our country and for those who are still alive. The lesson I learned was to always try your best to impress others and look after people you care about.” – Kye

“It’s important we commemorate Anzac day because we need to thank them for what they do for us and for the country” – Madison

“The thing that inspired me the most about learning about the ANZACs was the fact that they did a lot for our country and a lot of young adults had no choice but to fight for our families and country. It is important for us as a whole community to pay our respects to the soldiers who risked and lost their lives for us.  The lessons that I learnt as a person from learning about the ANZACs would definitely have to be looking out for each other and the people I love the most. This has definitely helped shape me as a person today because I love being there for my family and friends when they need me the most.”  – Hayley

View Video Presentations here:

Anzac Day 2020 – Clyde North Campus

Anzac Day 2020 – Cranbourne Campus