St. Peter’s College aims to host a 10 Year,  20 Year, and  50 Year Reunions.  We encourage all our Alumni to get together to celebrate their new adventures and reminisce their memories of  St. Peter’s College

COVID -19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE

Until we can have some certainty that events at our College, involving external participants, can be held without disruption our Graduates Reunions have been put on hold.
It is with much regret that we have had to take this decision.
If any Graduating Class group wishes to organise a Reunion away from the College, please contact our Marketing Manager, April Hampson, at email: [email protected], so we can support you in this endeavor.
Meanwhile Stay Safe and Stay Well.


The Graduates Association has been running since 1996.  This was the first year St. Peter’s College Year 12 students graduated.

We are thrilled to now have the chance for past students to reconnect with us via the St. Peters College website.

The graduates of the College now have an opportunity to check out all our up and coming events.


We have seen 10 Year Reunions run every year since 2006 and will continue encouraging and supporting these Reunions of our Alumni.

St. Peter’s College aims to host a 10 Year and will support individual groups if they wish to organise other key year celebrations.  We encourage all our Alumni to get together to celebrate their new adventures and reminisce their memories of  St. Peter’s College.

We hope this website will make it easier for you to get in touch and keep up with what is happening at our College.

Reunions are always filled with fun, laughter and a chance to catch up with friends we spent every day with as a young adult.  Every reunion is a huge success and we always welcome assistance, questions and advice on these events from our Alumni.

Graduates Award

The St. Peter’s College Graduates also presents an Annual Graduates Award at our Presentation Night to a Graduating Year 12 student who embodies what it means to be a St. Peters College student in all their endeavours, throughout all of their years at the College.

College Involvement

There many opportunities for the Graduates of St. Peter’s College to get involved in the St. Peter’s College Community. We have seen past students return to volunteer at school events, give presentations and talks at careers events, with some returning as employed Staff and Teachers.

The whole College Community is always ready to welcome our Alumni back and we love to catch up and hear your stories.

Louise Schultze, President Graduates Association

By giving us your current contact details we’ll keep you abreast of what’s going on.

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