College Advisory Committee

St. Peter’s College has been established to provide Catholic Education, according to the precepts, teachings and practices of the Catholic Church under the approval and direction of the Bishop of Sale

This College is administered by DOSCEL (the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Ltd) under the Bishop of Sale and is acknowledged as Catholic by his authority.

The governance of this College is undertaken by DOSCEL with the support of the Principal.

The College Board provides advice to the Principal within the context of this Constitution and the College’s Vision and Mission Statements.

The purpose of the St. Peter’s College Board is to:

  • Act as an advisory body to the Principal, on matters concerning education affecting the College
  • Act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education affecting the College
  • Provide a link between the Principal, teachers and parishioners in relation to the provision of Catholic education in the community
  • Promote community development by fostering a strong interrelationship between the College, the Parishes and local Catholic Primary Schools

Our current St. Peter’s College Advisory Committee consists of :

College Principal: Chris Black

Parish Priests:

  • St. Agatha’s Parish Fr Denis O’Bryan
  • St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Priests Fr Joseph Abutu

Parent 1: Chair: Tony Coco

Parent 2: Tim Cortese

Parent 3: Keith St Mart

Parent 4: Naomi Bartlett

Representative from DOSCEL: Mr Oronzo Farina

Two parishioner representatives (nominated by Parish Priests):

  • 1 from St Thomas the Apostle Parish – Flor Bitoin
  • 1 from St Agatha’s Parish – Tony Lupeamanu

Other persons co-opted by the Principal

  • Business Manager of the College: Phillip Mustey
  • Staff Representative of the College: Jean-Paul Antoine