Parents and Friends Committee

Come and meet our Principal and other members of St. Peter’s College Staff in an informal atmosphere.

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Next Meeting

The St. Peter’s College Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Wednesday 2 February

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College Cranbourne Campus

Staff Room. Please enter via Navarre Drive gates


Jeremy Wright
Deputy Principal – Head of Cranbourne Campus
M.Ed. (Student Wellbeing), Grad.Dip. Education, Grad.Cert. Religious Education, BA.

Following a career spanning 25 years, across a number of different learning environments, Jeremy would like to share the lessons learned from the simple knot.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Our Principal attends each of our Parents & Friends Committee meetings, and gives us all an up to date and first hand report of what is happening in our College. By attending these meetings you will be given the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions directly to our Principal.

GENERAL BUSINESS: At this time in the Meeting any issues from the ttending guests can be raised.

2020 Meeting Dates:

We rotate our venue each meetingbetween the Cranbourne Campus and Clyde North Campus, but parents and freinds from both Campuses can attend all meetings when they are able.

Wed 2 February 7.30 pm Cranbourne Campus

Wed 11 March 7.30 pm Clyde North Campus

Wed 15 April 7.30 pm Cranbourne Campus

Wed 20 May 7.30 pm Clyde North Campus

Wed 15 July 7.30 pm Cranbourne Campus

Wed 26 August 7.30 pm Clyde North Campus

Wed 28 October 7.30 pm Cranbourne Campus

Wed 9 December 7.30 pm Christmas Dinner


We currently have three Fundraising Activities:

  • 2019/20 Entertainment Book
  • Memorial Pavers
  • Ritchies Community Benefit Card

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Please find full details below.

Term Meeting Dates
1 Wednesday 13 February, & Wednesday 13 March
2 Wednesday 1 May, & Wednesday 29 May
3 Wednesday 17 July, & Wednesday 28 August
4 Wednesday 6 November, & Wednesday 4 December

The Executive may be contacted through the College:

President: Ms Naomi Bartlett

Secretary: Mrs Sharon Clover (College Advisory Board Representative)

Treasurer: Mrs Marzena Mansilla

P&F Committee Representative on College Advisory Committee: Mrs Sharon Clover

To Contact St. Peters College Parents & Friends Executive:

Contact Us

Recognition of generous support of funds by the Parents and Friends Association towards the St Peter’s College Statue and Garden a plaque has been laid at the entrance to the Garden to acknowledge the generous financial support received by St Peter’s College towards the Statue and Garden of St Peter.

Other donations from the Parents & Friends Association over the years has seen the purchase of the St Peter’s College first Human Powered Vehicle, Large Chess Pieces and seating along the Cranbourne Campus Ave for students.

Fundraising 2019

Entertainment Book 2019/20

By clicking on the link below you will ensure that the fundraising dollars comes to St. Peter’s College


Entertainment Book saving can amount to over $10,000.00 per year, but even with savings on a few items you only need to use the Book Membership or Digital membership twice to save more than the $70.00 it cost.

The Entertainment Book is a local restaurant and activity guide which provides hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the finest restaurants, cafes, attractions, activities, retailers and hotel accommodation.

The Book gives you exclusive offers that are virtually restriction free, literally pages and pages of offers to enjoy all year long.

The Entertainment Digital Membership puts the value of the Entertainment Book into your Apple or Android smartphone. With ‘near me’  technology and the ability to show and save using your phone, this is perfect for the person on-the-go, with no Card or Voucher to present.

To Purchase your Book or Digital membership for yourself or for family and friends:

Memorial Pavers:

Your Name Can  Go Down in History. Engraved pavers to be laid in St. Peter’s Sculpture Garden.

We continue our Fundraising Program to secure enough pavers to complete the pathways around the St. Peter’s Sculpture Gardensat Cranbourne Campus and the Avenue path, at Clyde North Campus.

Cost of your personalised paver, is $35.00 including engraving.

Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised in the garden. 

Paver Order Form - Clyde North Campus
Paver Order Form - Cranbourne Campus

Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St. Peter’s College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend on groceries and liquor to the club, school or charity of your choice. Parents can collect a membership tag from the College office.

Please let friends and family know, and encourage sales and fundraising results for the St. Peter’s College Parents and Friends Committee initiatives.

Thank you all for your support.


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