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If you need further help to obtain an Enrolment Information Pack or to enquire about enrolments for any year level please contact our Registrar, Ms Wendy Height  via Enrolment Enquiries Form link

Enrolment Enquiries Form

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DOSCEL Schools Enrolment Information Booklet
St. Peter's College Supplementary Enrolment Information
DOSCEL Schools Enrolment Policy
St. Peter's College Application for Enrolment Form

All students are admitted to the College in accordance with St. Peter’s College Enrolment Policy.

Tours of the College are held regularly and commence at 9.30 am. To attend any of these tours  please Register on Our College Tours Form:

2020 & 2021 Enrolment Opportunities

Student vacancies currently exist in some year levels for 2021-22

Year 7 2022 Enrolment Process

2022 Applications close 21 August 2020

After this time applications can be taken if vacancies exist

28 January 2020 Yr7 2022 Applications Open
17 March 2020 Yr7 2022 Information Evening Cranbourne Campus
19 March 2020 Yr7 2022 Information Evening Clyde North Campus
21 August 2020 Yr 7 2022 Applications Close
15 October 2020 Yr 7 2022 Offers of Place Posted
28 January 2021 TBA Yr 7 Commence School
16 October 2020 Grade 6 (Yr7 2021) Information Evening Clyde North Campus
29 October 2020 Grade 6 (Yr7 2021) Information Evening Cranbourne Campus
1 Dec 2020 Yr7 2021 Orientation Day
January 2021 TBA Yr7 Commence School
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