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ACT NOW! 2023 & 2024 Enrolments now being accepted. Come and see our classrooms in action and meet our students & staff

Innovation surrounds us.. technology drives us further.. we live globally.. opportunities abound.. for those who are ready. Help your child ‘be ready’ at St. Peter’s College

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St. Peter’s College Enrolment Application

Our On-Line Application Form is now available.


Did you know all of your enrolment application requirements can be completed online, starting with a Tour of our two Campuses?


Our Registrar Ms Wendy Height can assist you with all of your Enrolment Registration requirements by contacting her on our Enrolment Enquiry Form.


You can also request a College Prospectus online.


And download a copy of our Application forms from our website. 

“As a Catholic community we aspire to lead in faith, guide with love, and inspire through learning…”

Developing the skills today to thrive in tomorrows world.

Innovation surrounds us, technology drives us further, we live globally, opportunities abound for those that are ready. Help your child be ready at St. Peter’s College.

Equipping your child now demands innovative teaching, a broad curriculum and more than ever, a focus on natural gifts and career aspirations.

Action Plan

St. Peter's College Enrolment Action Plan

St. Peter’s College/DOSCEL Enrolment Handbook

St. Peter's College/DOSCEL School Enrolment Handbook

St. Peter’s College Enrolment Key Dates

St. Peter's College Enrolment Key Dates

St. Peter’s College/DOSCEL Enrolment Policy

St. Peter's College DOSCEL School Enrolment Policy

St. Peter’s College Finance Policies, Forms & Fees

St. Peter's College School Fee Structure, Policies & Forms

St. Peter’s College Enrolment Application Form

Our On-line Application Form is now available or you can download a copy  the Form here

St. Peter's College On-line Enrolment Application Form
Download a copy of St. Peter's College Enrolment Application Form

St. Peter’s College Enrolment Application Supporting Documentation

St. Peter's College Enrolment Supporting Document List

St. Peter’s College Year 8-12 Subject Options

Consider Study Pathway Options
St. Peter's College Curriculum Handbook

Attend an Interview

Please note that all applicants and their family will be interviewed as part of the enrolment process. This facilitates the beginning of the transition process. You will be contact by the College to set up a suitable interview time prior to Offers being finalised.

Please note that Student/s plus their Parent/s or Guardian/s must be present at the interview.

Enrolment offers will strictly be in adherence with the DOSCEL Schools St. Peter’s College Enrolment Policy.

St. Peter's College/DOSCEL Schools Enrolment Policy


Do you have any questions that we can help you with?

Enrolment Enquries can be sent directly to our College Registrar Mrs Wendy Height

St. Peter's College Enrolment Enquiries Form