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“Our desire is for students to run excitedly through St. Peter’s College gates to commence Year 7, and walk out at the end of Year 12 with confidence, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of positivity about their future”

Who to talk to?

From the moment your child is enrolled with St. Peter’s College, our partnership with your family begins.

There may be many reasons why you would need to talk to a teacher or other member of College staff.

Whether it is academic progress, behavioural, school related relationships, adapting to College life, absences or even to pass on positive feedback.

St. Peter’s College Pastural Care Program comprises of a Vertical House System, where your family will be allocated to one of our Houses, with one House Leader, and then to a Tutor Group with the one Learning Advisor for all of the years that the student is with the College.

Our advise is that in the first instance you contact your child’s Learning Advisor with the next level of contact to be with your child’s House Leader.

A further option would be your child’s Deputy Principal, Head of Campus for more serious, specific or specialised matters.

Communicate, Engage, Interact

Communicate, Engage, Interact

Year 7 2021 Familiarisation Events

Year 7 -12 2021
Yr 7 2022 Family Information Evening Cranbourne Campus Tues 17 March 2020
Yr 7 2022 Family Information Evening Clyde North Campus Thurs 19 March 2020
Uniform Fitting & Purchasing Book suitable date/time on-line Tues 27 Oct – Thur 10 Dec 2020
Yr 8 -12 2021 HeadStart Commence School (optional) Wed 18 Nov 2020
Yr 7 2021 Orientation Day Mon 30 Nov 2020
Stationery School Collection Pop-up Store at School for pre-ordered & paid orders Wed 23 Dec 2020
College Office Closed Fri 18 Dec 2020
College Office Open Mon 11 Jan 2021
Uniform Collection Pre-paid Oder collection from Uniform Shop at Cranbourne Campus Tues 19 – Wed 20 Jan 2021
Yr 7 2021 Commence School Thur 28 Jan 2021 TBC

Portals & Policies

St. Peter's College Parent Portals & Policies


The role of the Transition Program at both our Cranbourne Campus and Clyde North Campus is to oversee the well-being of all Year 7 students as they make the transition from Primary School to Secondary School.

We at St. Peter’s College understand the immense change this transition is for both our Students and their Parents.

Our Pastoral Care Leaders work to develop programs and procedures to ensure that both the learning and the pastoral needs of all students entering Year 7 are understood by the following departments and teams within the College:

  • Pastoral Care Leader
  • Welfare Team
  • House Leaders & Learning Advisors
  • Curriculum Team
  • Special Programs Department
  • Administration Team

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Daily Timetables

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Do you have any questions that we can help you with?

Enrolment Enquries can be sent directly to our College Registrar, Mrs Wendy Height

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