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As a Catholic community we aspire to lead in faith, guide with love, and inspire through learning…

Student Motto ‘Be Not Afraid’

The motto ‘Be Not Afraid’ appears significantly and frequently in scripture reminding us of God’s constant presence and help. Specifically we recall Jesus speaking to peter as he walks on the water.

College Crest

The College colours are burgundy, grey and gold. The burgundy is appropriate to St Peter being a colour with both martyrdom and leadership within the church. The gold is the colour in which the keys are portrayed on the Papal flag. The crest features the keys of the kingdom as promised to Peter on a grey background which represents the storm. Below the fishing boat with its mast in the form of a cross, the net spreads out from the fishing boat…. “I will make you fishers of all people”. The motto “Be Not Afraid” is an invitation for all to move outside of their comfortable existence and be challenged, with the constant presence of Christ in our lives, to actively contribute to the building of the Kingdom of God.

House System

St. Peter’s College operates a vertical Pastural Care House System

Each family will be assigned a House for each of the children attending the College for the entire time students are enrolled with the College.

Assisi House: Peace, Love and Unity

Augustine House: The World is Our Classroom

Avila House: Light Up the World and Illuminate Thy Path

Glowrey House: With Faith All Things Are Possible

Kolbe House: Sacrifice for the Service of Others

MacKillop House: Lead with Courage and Compassion

Marian House: Strongest of Heart and Mind

Romero House: Aspire Not to Have More, But to Be More

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Prospectus & Information Booklet

‘Take courage, it is I…Be not afraid.’ (Mat 14.27)
As a Catholic Community, we aspire to lead in faith, guide with love and inspire through learning.

The first place to start your Research is with our College Prospectus and our Enrolment Information Booklet.

To view St. Peter's College Prospectus
To view St. Peter's College Student Information Booklet
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Jesus, as our first teacher, revealed our essential mission as a Catholic College to actively provide opportunities for excellence, engagement and achievement across all areas and endeavours of learning. We commit ourselves to personalising the development of each individual’s education within our school community.


At St. Peter’s College our core business is Learning.

We believe that every student has the capacity to learn and aim to develop in our students a love of lifelong learning. Our diverse curriculum has been designed to offer students a breadth and depth of study that will enhance the unique gifts and talents of each student.

St. Peter’s College strives to develop students as successful learners who are confident and creative.

Excellence in Education is promoted through:

  • Development of the whole person through growth in the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative capacity of students
  • Promotion of literacy and numeracy
  • Inclusive practices which value the unique nature of the individual
  • Personalised learning that empowers students to turn ideas into reality
  • Collaborative learning spaces and pedagogy that promotes team work and effective communication
  • A thriving Professional Learning Community
  • Pastoral structures which promote self-confidence and a sense of belonging
  • Relevant and meaningful curriculum that connects all learners to the real world
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Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

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College Policies

Enrolment Process & Application

Process & Application
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