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  • Fee Structure, Policies & Forms

    Education Fees

    The Education Fee is invoiced at the beginning of the Academic Year. This Educational Fee covers the following:

    •     School Fees
    •     Book Hire
    •     Camps
    •     Excursions
    •     Information Technology Levy
    •     Student Diary
    •     Lock for Student Locker (issued once upon the students commencement at the College)

    The single fee structure evens out education costs over the six year period your child/children are at the College. This should significantly assist families budgeting for education costs.

    Periodical Direct Debit

    The St. Peter’s College Board has approved that the Education Fees are to be paid via a Periodical Direct Debit.

    The undertaking of the Periodical Direct Debit is compulsory and is essential to assist the College keep administration costs to a minimum and maintain adequate levels of cash flow. The flow on benefit is that the College is able to keep fee increases to an absolute minimum.

    Payment of the fees can be made;

    •     weekly (44 instalments),
    •     fortnightly (22 instalments) or
    •     monthly (10 instalments)

    from your nominated bank account or credit card.

    Payment of fees by cash is not accepted.

    Fees are to be paid in full by 30th November.

    If your circumstances are that a periodical direct debit cannot be put in place at a particular time, please contact our Finance team to discuss possible alternate payment arrangements.

    To view and download all Forms associated with Fees and Fee payment please open Financial Forms Tab attached to this page.

    Education Fees – 2020

    The 2020 Education Fees, approved by the St. Peter’s College Advisory Committee are:

    $5,382.00 per year, per student

    Student Exit

    If a family removes a student from the College throughout the academic year they must do so by participating in an Exit Interveiw and completing an Exit Form, available by contacting your student’s House Leader.

    If a student exits during the Term, the Education Fee will be credited on a pro-rata basis to the end of that Term.

    Family Discount

    The family discount is based upon the number of children each family has at St. Peter’s College and/or any of the Parish Primary Schools; i.e. St. Agatha’s, St. Therese’s and St. Thomas The Apostle Primary Schools.


    The discounts are:

    •     2 children $210.00 per annum per family;
    •     3 children $630.00 per annum per family;
    •     4 or more Children $1,260.00 per annum per family.

    Please note that if you do not have children at any of the Parish Primary Schools, the family discount will only apply to those children you have at St. Peter’s College.

    To view and download all Forms associated with Family Discount please open Financial Forms Tab attached to this page.

    Education Fee Billing Cycle

    Education Fees for the full year will be invoiced to families in January. A Fee Statement of Account will be issued at the end of each Term.

    All Education Fees must be paid in full by 30 November, unless otherwise arranged with the College Financial Accountant.

    Camps, Sport & Excursion Fund (CSEF) Allowance

    The application needs to be completed and returned to the College General Office, together with a copy of your Concession Card, by 26 June 2020.

    For more information on Educational Fees please Contact Us.

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    College Business Manager
    B. Bus (Acc.), C.P.A., A.I.M.M


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