Financial Forms
Financial Forms

2020 College Fees

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Family Discount

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Camps, Sport & Excursions Fund (CSEF) Allowance

The State Government has announced a new initiative to assist students to participate in school camps, sports and excursions. $225.00 will be paid to eligible Secondary School students to assist them in participating in these activities. The money will be paid to the school and can only be used for costs associated with camps, sports and excursions, and will be deposited against the students College Fees payments.

Parents/Legal Guardians who hold a valid means-tested Concession Card are able to make application for the CSEF Allowance.

To view CSEF Allowance information please click here:
Application forms are available from the College General Office or by clicking here:

Direct Debit of Fees & Centrepay Authority

Download St Peter's College Bank Account Direct Debit and Credit Card Authority Form:
Download St. Peter's College Centrepay Authority Form:

Family Status

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 Change of Address

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Clyde North Campus College Bus Transport

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