Assessment and Reporting

The provision of timely feedback online provides opportunity for parents to discuss learning outcomes with students and for students to reflect on their learning in order to improve on future assessment.

All Students studying subjects on the Senior Blocks:

Please find below the VCE and VET Information

  • Plan your study and keep on top of your formal assessment schedule
  • Please consult with your class teacher to find out the exact lesson of the week that your formal assessment will be scheduled
  • You should also by now be consulting a semester planner that will be available from your class teacher. That planner and this date booklet should enable you to keep informed of all the relevant assessment times for your senior subjects.
  • Year 11 VCE and Year 12 VCE VET units will have examinations in the June Assessment Period
  • All Students studying a Unit 3/4 VCE subject will be required for the GAT in June
  • Please note that VCAL students are not exempt from the GAT and will be required to attend

If you have any queries about assessment please consult your Learning Advisor or the Curriculum Leader at your campus:

Andrew Mitchell

Senior Years Curriculum Leader (CLYDE NORTH CAMPUS)

Michael Dalley

Senior Years Curriculum Leader (CRANBOURNE CAMPUS)


There are four reporting times in the year:

  • Interim report – End of Term 1
  • Interim report – End of Term 3
  • Semester report –  End of Term 2
  • Semester report – End of Term 4

Interim (Mid-Semester) Reports

Interim reports are available on-line via our parent Portal. These reports do not contain a written comment.  Interim reports indicate current student progress. The education of students at St. Peter’s College is a partnership with parents. As such, parents are encouraged to attend parent teacher interviews with their sons and daughters to discuss progress to date with teachers

The purpose of the mid-semester report is to offer a very brief overview of each student’s performance to date in each subject.  Should any concerns be identified it is anticipated that these could be addressed in the second half of the semester.

There are three categories of reporting for Mid-Semester Reports:

  • Completion of Set Work
  • Application to Learning
  • Level of Cooperation

Each of these categories will be measured on a four point scale:

  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Usually
  • Always

Students who receive a rating of ‘Rarely’ or ‘Sometimes’ will be required to make an interview with the subject teacher via the Synergetic Parent Portal.  This provides a vital opportunity to discuss aspects of learning that need to be addressed so that students reach their potential.

Students who receive a rating of ‘Usually’ or ‘Always’ are welcome to make an interview with the subject teacher for feedback on their progress and advice on how they can extend themselves further during the second half of the Semester to further their learning.

Semester Reports

Tutor Group Reports

A Tutor Group report is written by each Learning Advisor.  These reports indicate to parents information about a student’s overall development and participation in the life of the College.  Tutor Group Reports provide an opportunity to report on aspects of student’s learning outside of the academic classroom situation.  This reflects the College’s commitment to the development of the whole person.

Continuous On-Line Reporting

During 2018, St Peter’s College moved to continuous online reporting. This means that each time a piece of assessment is submitted results are published for students and parents via our Learning Management System (Schoolbox). This feedback is generally provided within a 2 week turn around period. Well known researcher John Hattie suggests that feedback contributes significantly to improved student learning outcomes. This provision of timely feedback online provides opportunity for parents to discuss learning outcomes with students and for students to reflect on their learning in order to improve on future assessment. Feedback will be provided via a Rubric. Each visible rubric will include at least two statements of comment specific to the task. One comment should reflect areas of achievement. The second should suggest areas for improvement. If effort has impacted on achievement, teaching staff will comment on this. Late submission will also be noted.

Teaching staff are required to complete an Interim Report mid semester in both Semester 1 and 2 indicating student work habits and application to learning.

It is expected that a minimum of one assessment is completed and the visibility set to Staff, Students and Parents before Parent Teacher Interviews. Parent Teacher Interviews occur twice per year and all parents are expected to attend.

End of semester reporting via Synergetic occurs at the end of each semester and is a summary report. Teaching staff will be required to enter overall level of achievement for each student according to the Victorian Curriculum Achievement standards. End of semester reports also contain a Tutor group Report which contain attendance information and a pastoral comment.

Student Obligations Process

As a Catholic place of learning, St Peter’s College has a vision for our students that sees them as engaged and successful learners, who achieve their personal best. We draw inspiration from our Petrine charism. Peter was a person with faults, he was not perfect. But he did see value with being a committed member of a community. All members of a school community have a significant role to play with supporting a whole school approach to the obligations required of a St Peter’s College student.

The Student Obligations Process is for students who have not met their assessment task obligations within a particular subject and therefore, are at risk of not satisfying the Victorian Curriculum Content Descriptors. In order for students to meet their obligations, a time with the subject teacher to facilitate learning may occur within the first instance, and if non-submission occurs, an after school class will be held at the discretion of the subject teacher in order for the student to fulfil their obligations within the subject in order to satisfy the content descriptors. The after school class can run any day of the week from 3.30pm-4.30pm with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to the student and their parents. This structure has been modelled off the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) outcome satisfaction structure within our Senior School.

It is the responsibility of the Coaches to ensure all assessment tasks have been pushed out from the Course Page to the class page, with the correct due date, on a unit by unit basis. Coaches also need to work with their faculty team members to observe all tasks have been submitted for all students and there are no students with “Not Submitted” that has not been approved by the Curriculum Team. Once all tasks have been submitted, the assessment grades and feedback should be published within two weeks of date of submission to staff, parents and students.