HeadStart Program

St. Peter’s College Students get a “HeadStart” in their Learning

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Year 8 to 12 – 2022 Classes begin Wednesday 17 November, 2021

The end of the school year, when assessments are complete, can often be marked by a reduction in work by students, a reduction in learning opportunities, and a sense of biding time before the holidays descend. Headstart programs where VCE students get a taste of the year ahead by entering into classes for a week or two has been common practise in most schools for many years.

Questions began to be asked at St. Peter’s College, “What can be created to keep students stimulated in their learning the whole year through”?

The concept of a whole school roll-over or HeadStart Program morphed from this essential question. Students move into the next years classes with their timetabled teacher of the following year and begin work. There is a sense of purpose and direction to student’s learning in the last three weeks of the school year.

Added benefits of the program include: improved student attendance rates, stimulated student learning opportunities, provision for data gathering of students abilities prior to the beginning of the next year, teething problems associated with subject clashes ironed out and all Year levels and VCE students in particular, having a solid foundation prior to the holiday period with a purposeful holiday homework program embedded.

The beginning of the academic school year sees students and staff alike settled and focussed on their learning and teaching, free from the distractions often associated with the settling in phase of the new year.

Our parents have given feedback regards the sense of purpose and focus that students have at this final part of the year. On return in the new year, parents again have given very positive feedback on the program, students who took some time to settle each year, came back and were settled immediately, holiday homework gave a real link between one year and the next.

Students have the best of starts to the beginning of the year and this provides the most conductive of environments to maximise learning outcomes.