Maximising Your Chances of University Entrance

As a general rule, students should plan to complete all four VCE units in each study which is crucial to their tertiary aspirations.

Any student who is considering university studies beyond Year 12 should consider completing a Unit 3/4 sequences (i.e. a Year 12 subject) in Year 11.
The main advantage of doing this is that students could boost their ATAR by doing this sixth VCE 3/4 sequence.

The table below shows how this could be achieved:

Year 10 Unit 1 I Unit 2
Year 11 RE I English Unit 1
Year 12 RE

As can be seen, students wishing to take Year 12 units in Year 11 may need to consider doing Year 11 units in Year 10.

Enhancement – Accelerated Learning
Exceptionally successful students with high aspirations may wish to apply to complete two Unit 3/ 4 sequences in Year 11. As with any student wishing to study VCE extension units, the students must:

  • Indicate which units they wish to study clearly on the student enrolment form
  • Write a letter which outlines the reasons he/she wishes to study the units and how the units relate to his/her career aspirations
  • Attend an interview with the Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching at a designated time
  • Each student’s St. Peter’s College report and the advice of House Leaders, Teaching and Learning Coaches, Learning Advisors andSubject Teachers will be used to assess each student’s application. This process takes place in Term 3 of each year. It should be noted that timetable clashes and class numbers may prevent a student from undertaking extension VCE units in Year 11.

For further information about this issue please consult your teachers and the Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching.
Satisfactory Completion
Units 1 and 2 are able to be completed as single units and Units 3 and 4 need to be taken as a sequence, however, it is recommended that units 1 and 2 are taken as a sequence to better prepare for study at units 3 and 4.

Learning Outcomes set by the VCAA are the basis for satisfactory completion of VCE units.

Each VCE unit includes a set of two to four outcomes. The award of satisfactory completion of a unit is based on a decision that the student has demonstrated achievement of the outcomes. This decision will be based on the teacher’s assessment of the student’s overall performance on assessment tasks designated for the unit.

St. Peter’s College, in accordance with the VCAA’s requirements, determines satisfactory completion of units.

Assessment of Units 3 and 4
For each study, students’ levels of achievements for Units 3 and 4 sequences will be assessed using school-based assessment and external examinations.

Each study will have three assessment components, either one school assessment and two examinations, or two school assessments and one examination. For example English will have one examination and two school assessments and Mathematics studies will have one school assessment and two examinations.

These assessments will be reported as grades A+ to E, UG. Examination grades and school assessment grades will continue to be reported separately.

The nature and scheduling of examinations are as follows, with specific dates, distributed by VCAA. Written examinations will b e held in November.
Performance/oral examinations will be held in October. Any student studying a Unit 3/4 sequence must complete the General Achievement Test (GAT) in June.

School Assessment
There are two forms of school assessment for the VCE, School-Assessed Coursework and School-Assessed Tasks. The form or forms of school assessment and their weighting are specified for each study. School assessed coursework (SAC) is based on an assessment of each student’s overall level of achievement on the assessment tasks designated in the Study Design. For each School-Assessed Coursework component, the Study Design specifies a range of Assessment Tasks for assessing achievement of the unit outcomes.

School-Assessed Tasks (SATs) are set by the VCAA and are designed to assess specific sets of skills. Assessment of students levels of achievement on school-assessed tasks will be on the basis of teacher ratings on criteria specified by the VCAA.