Pathways: Futures Expo

St. Peter’s College Futures Expo

Everything you ever wanted to know about:

  • Navigating VCE
  • Careers and University Pathways
  • Maximising your ATAR
  • Acing a Job Interview
  • Subject Selections in the Junior Years

The St. Peter’s College Futures Expo has something for everyone.

Our Annual Futures Expo is St. Peter’s College ‘One Stop Shop’ for students and parents for all your Curriculum and Careers information.

Taking the time to be fully informed of all the choices available will ensure a smooth transition through the Senior Years of school and will maximise both your enjoyment and achievement.

Cranbourne Campus & Clyde North Campus: Monday 18 July 2022

Your child’s subject selection for the school year is of critical importance. It is why we, at St Peter’s College, invest so much time and energy into making this an engaging process for our students. It is important because students will get most success in a subject when they do something that they enjoy, are good at and/or need for their chosen course or occupation

Year 9 into Year 10 and Year 10 into Year 11 Subject Interviews are conducted. Important decisions are to be made not just about subjects but about courses such as VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) and VET (Vocational Education & Training).