Year 10

The benefit of an Accelerated unit is that students may gain a boost in their ATAR through completion of an extra VCE subject.

Please use our Curriculum Handbook for full course study designs including insights from our students on some of the subjects they have studied.

Year 10 Core Subjects with sample Year 10 Elective Units are listed on this page

2021 Curriculum Handbook


In the design of the Year 10 Program, the following considerations are of key importance:

  • Programs at this level must enable students to take responsibility for tailoring their course of study within clear and reasonable guidelines
  • There must be some choice of electives to enable our students to explore which studies are most relevant to their educational and vocational needs
  • A series of minimum requirements must be established to ensure our students do not deny themselves access to future learning opportunities

VCE Units in Year 10 – Accelerated Studies

Accelerated units are for those of our students who wish to pursue Extension Studies in Year 10. The benefit of an Accelerated unit is that our students may gain a boost in their ATAR through completion of an extra VCE subject.

Year 10 students may apply to take up Accelerated Studies – one VCE unit per Semester, as part of their Year 10 study program.

The advantages of students taking one or two VCE units in Year 10 are:

  • It gives students a clear understanding of the terminology, work demands and styles of learning associated with VCE before they enter Year 11
  • It can provide a greater challenge to our capable students
  • It may enhance their ATAR score

Core Subjects

In Year 10, all of our students will take the following subjects across the whole year:

  • Religious Education, Art Ministry, Youth Ministry or Music Ministry
  • English
  • Mathematics


Year 10 Students will also study the following units:

  • One Science Elective  PLUS
  • One Humanities Elective

Student Choice:

Year 10 students must choose four Semester elective units in addition to the core units. Students studying a language will be required to choose ONLY two elective units.

Sample Year 10 Elective Units

  • Science
    • Physical Science
    • Life Science
  • Humanities
    • Commerce: Business & Finance
    • Geography: Every Changing World
    • History: 20th Century War & Revolution Law & Politics
  • Health & Physical Eduation
    • Health & Human Development
    • Physical Education Application
  • Language
    • French
    • Japanese
  • Technologies
    • Explore Food
    • Food in Context
    • Product Design
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Robotic Vehicle Systems
    • Textile Design
  • The Arts
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Music Performance
    • Photo & Media
    • Visual Communication Design

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

Vocational Education & Training

  • Certificate II in Building & Construction
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Certificate II in Engineering
  • Certificate II in Hospitality
  • Certificate lll in Music Industry
  • Certificate III in Sport & Recreation
  • Certificate IIl in Information Digital Media & Technology