Year 10

The benefit of an Accelerated unit is that students may gain a boost in their ATAR through completion of an extra VCE subject

VCE Units in Year 10 – Accelerated Studies

Accelerated units are for those of our students who wish to pursue Extension Studies in Year 10. The benefit of an Accelerated unit is that our students may gain a boost in their ATAR through completion of an extra VCE subject.

Year 10 students may apply to take up Accelerated Studies – one VCE unit per Semester, as part of their program, subject to approval from their subject teachers, their House Leader, and the Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching.

The Deputy Principal, Learning &Teaching reviews the application and study habits of those students who wish to study VCE units in Year 10, and receives feedback on the student suitability for enhanced VCE studies from their teachers.

The advantages of students taking one or two VCE units in Year 10 are:

  • It gives students a clear understanding of the terminology, work demands and styles of learning associated with VCE before they enter Year 11
  • It can provide a greater challenge to our ‘able’ students
  • It may enhance their ATAR score

Since the difficulty and volume of work encountered in VCE units will be more demanding than at Year 10 level, it is not appropriate for all Year 10 Students to attempt VCE units. Refer to the VCE section for information on the Program.

A student who completes an Accelerated unit will still be required to enrol for five units in VCE. If a student chooses to study a VCE unit in Year 10 it will be expected that:

  • He/she will attend all scheduled VCE classes in that subject
  • He/she will maintain high academic standards in all of their Year 10 subjects

The process for applying to complete VCE unit(s) in Year 10 is as follows:

  • Students must clearly indicate which units they wish to study on the student enrolment form
  • Students must write a letter which explains why a VCE study is important to them and their career aspirations
  • Students must attend an interview with the Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

This process takes place in Term 3 of each year.  Written approval or unsuccessful letters will be given to all of these students before the end of Term 3. It should be noted that even after approval has been granted, timetable clashes and class numbers might prevent a student from undertaking VCE unit(s) in their Year 10.


Students should also, note that enrolment in VCE Units 1 and/or 2 in Year 10 does not guarantee the students enrolment in Units 3 & 4 during Year 11.


Core Subjects

In Year 10, all of our students will take the following subjects across the whole year:

  • Religious Education*
  • English
  • Mathematics

* Students may choose either the Religious Education or Madjitil Moorna (Choir), Religious Art Ministry or Youth Ministry course

In addition, Year 10 Students MUST study the following units

  • One Science Elective plus
  • One Humanities Elective

Students intending to continue into VCE studies of Science – including Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Psychology – should seriously consider completing Physical and Life Science Electives at Year 10 level.

This means that Year 10 Students must choose up to FOUR ELECTIVE UNITS from the Year 10 Electives listed.

Students should read the Curriculum Handbook carefully and seek the advice of their subject teachers, Learning Advisors and their House Leaders in making their choices.

Student Choice:

Year 10 students must choose four Semester elective units in addition to the core units. Students studying a language will be required to choose ONLY two elective units.

Students studying an Accelerated unit will require ONLY two electives

Key Questions:

  • Which units are most relevant to your intended career path?
  • Which units will help you to build your essential skills and talents?
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