Year 9

Students should be able to explore which studies are most relevant to their educational and vocational needs so that they do not deny themselves access to future learning opportunities.

Please use our Curriculum Handbook for full course study designs including insights from our students on some of the subjects they have studied.

Sample of Year 9 Elective Units offered include:


  • Basic Constuction Skills
  • Fast Fashion
  • Food Fundamentals
  • Further Food
  • Game On
  • Intro to Robotic Systems
  • Product Design
  • Web Publishing

The Arts

  • Art & Photography
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music: Performing & Song Writing
  • Visual Communication Design
2021 Curriculum Handbook


In the design of the Year 9 Program, the following considerations were seen as being of key importance:

  • Programs at this level must enable students to take responsibility for tailoring their course of study within clear and reasonable guidelines
  • There must be some choice of electives to enable our students to explore which studies are most relevant to their educational and vocational needs
  • A series of minimum requirements must be established to ensure our students do not deny themselves access to future learning opportunities


Cranbourne Campus

Introduction of Student Choice

In Year 9 students over the full year must choose 4 Semester Elective units in addition to their Core Subjects

Core Subjects:

  • Religion
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Language
  • Students will also undertake studies in 2 Elective Subjects each Semester

Clyde North Campus

XSPAND9- Year 9 Alternative Program

A school can make great relationships, but it takes relationships to make a school great.

Vision: We are independent and collaborative lifelong learners who value and act on our role in the global community through Faith, Education & Service. Mission: To cultivate a multi-faceted program where students take active ownership of their learning developing transferable skills to become adaptive learners.

An alternative Year 9 Program (XSPAND9) , that is centered around 21st Century pedagogy, within a purpose-built building to accommodate the ‘hands- on’ and ‘flexible’ approach to learning. Study Units are designed to encourage students to make a variety of connections: with each other, with specialised staff, and with both the local and global community.

Real world problems and solutions will be shaped around the following subject areas:

  • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • HUME – Humanities and English
  • REC – Religion and Community
  • Challenge – PE Health & Outdoor Education
  • Languages – French or Japanese
  • Students will also choose two electives – one each from, The Art and Technology electives