About Our College

Built on the confidence of a community that is rapidly growing and changing, St. Peter’s College treasures its proud history within the Cranbourne region

We commit ourselves to embracing the opportunities which enable the appropriate expansion of resources that meet the needs of our 21st Century Community

History of St. Peter’s College

St. Peter’s College began in 1987 as the Cranbourne Campus of St. Francis Xavier, Beaconsfield with 49 students in Year 7. A year level was added in each of the two subsequent years with Year 10 first being offered in 1992. Fr. James Peter McGuigan, who was Parish Priest of St. Agatha’s at the time, was a driving force behind the establishment and development of the Campus.

An Interim Board of Management was formed which determined that the campus would become independent from the beginning of 1994 and be known as St. Peter’s College. Mr. Terry Feely was appointed as the Principal and Mr John Clancy became the first Chairperson of the College Board.

In 1994 St. Peter’s College commenced as a Year 7 – 10 Campus with 280 students. A rapid phase of growth and development commenced with the VCE being introduced and the first Year 12 group graduating in 1996. The person and story of St. Peter greatly contributed to a distinct character and ethos, expressed in symbolism, art work and the liturgical life of the College. The school motto: Be Not Afraid is an example whereby the relationship between Peter and Christ has become a cultural driver.

The Curriculum soon diversified to support the growth in the college with particular expansion in areas such as Technology, Sciences, Visual Arts and Languages other than English. This was supported by a succession of new buildings and facilities. In February 2003, its tenth year, the College received, relocated and began to refurbish the Chapel of St. Peter’s in Tooradin. The magnificent bequest including the contents was blessed and re-dedicated by Fr. Andrew Wise.

In 2009, plans commenced for the purchase of and planning of the second campus, that same year Mr Tim Hogan was appointed Principal. Land was purchased in East Cranbourne and building commenced in 2010 with the first intake of students occurring in 2011. Boundaries were established to cater both for a multi-campus college and the rapid growth of families into the area. The campuses were known as the West Campus and the East Campus. 2012 was witness to a change in the way pastoral groupings were established and operated. The horizontal, year level system was replaced with the vertical House based system. This heralded new beginnings and approaches to support the well-being of students with the formation of sustainable relationships central to the structure. From this eight Houses were born and subsequently the House-based Cup competition was established.

Meanwhile at the East Campus a significant building program was undertaken to cater for the significant growth. The focus on delivering facilities to cater for the 21st Century Learner was central to shaping this new campus. Mr Christopher Black was appointed to the Principalship in 2017. The following year St. Peter’s College, together with all other schools in the Sale Diocese came under the governance of a new model and entity, The Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited. In 2019 the campus names changed to Cranbourne (formerly the West) Campus and Clyde North (formerly the East) Campus. A new Masterplan for the Cranbourne Campus was established and the cyclic nature of restoration and rejuvenation was reborn. Currently St. Peter’s College currently caters for and supports the educational needs of 1,974 students in early 2022.