Policies: Student Rights, Responsibilities & Regulations

St. Peter’s College Uniform Policy

Here at St. Peter’s College uniform is a daily reality for all of our families and students. We are passionate about our uniform, but only because of the immense benefits we know it can deliver to each of our students.

Why Do We Have a Uniform at St. Peter’s College?

At St. Peter’s College students are expected to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming which:

  • Promotes school unity and pride;
  • Promotes individual pride and helps prepare students for employment;
  • Takes away the need to keep up with the latest fashion trends;
  • Presents an appropriate image of our College to the broader community.

We ask that all parents embrace our College uniform and the role it plays in your child’s day to day life at St. Peter’s College. With your support your child will soon become comfortable with the uniform and the regulations concerning their appearance and develop a greater pride in themselves and their appearance within the College community. This is not limited to items of clothing only but encompasses all aspects of appearance and grooming, including but not limited to; hairstyles, make-up, nails, piercings, tattoos, bags, jewellery and chewing gum.

Zero Tolerance

A Zero Tolerance Policy applies to breaches of School Uniform Regulations at St. Peter’s College. Under this policy the following will occur:

  • VCE students in breach of the College uniform regulations will be sent home once parents have been contacted with a stamp in their record book indicating that they can’t return to the College until the breach has been rectified.
  • Year 7 to 10 students in breach of the College uniform will be excluded from classes for the day and parents contacted. Students will arrive home at the end of the school day with a stamp in their student record book indicating that they cannot return to the College until the breach has been rectified.

The only exception to this policy is where on evident medical, pastoral, cultural or religious grounds a student cannot adhere to part of the College Uniform & Appearance Regulations. Students in this situation will be issued with a Uniform Pass by their House Leader or the Pastoral Care Leader including the expiry date of this pass.

Outside of school it is expected that students will behave and dress in a manner which reflects favourably on themselves, on their families and on the College. All students are required to wear the prescribed uniform correctly during school hours and travelling to and from school.

Students are not permitted to wear visible make-up or jewellery other than is a maximum of two pairs of plain sleepers/studs in each ear

St Peter's College Uniform & Appearance Policy

St. Peter’s College Student Behavioural Expectations

At St. Peter’s College we uphold clear guidelines and expectations about our students behaviour, including Mobile phones, and our Environment and College and individual’s property.

St. Peter's College Student Rights, Responsibilities & Regulations Policy

Every St. Peter’s College Student has the right to a Learning Environment free from Bullying and Intimidation and to Feel Safe and Happy at School

They also have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity. Discipline is necessary to ensure that the safety and welfare of all our students, teachers and staff and to provide a conducive learning environment.

This Student Discipline Policy sets the framework through which St. Peter’s College manages student discipline.

St. Peter’s College Recognises its Duty to Students to Provide a Safe and Positive Learning Environment

Where individual differences and diversity within the College is respected and accepted.
Bullying is not tolerated at St. Peter’s College.

St. Peter's College Student Discipline Policy
St. Peter's College Bullying, Prevention & Intervention Policy

St. Peter’s College Students have the Right to Learn in a Safe Environment, including when they have Access to ICTs to Enhance their Learning

St. Peter’s College is committed to the responsible and educational use of ICTs and to the protection of students by providing secure access to these services as part of their learning experience.

St. Peter's College ICT Policy

St. Peter’s College Student Social Media Etiquette Guidelines Agreement

St. Peter's College Social Media Etiquette Policy