Vision Statement

 As a Catholic Community, we aspire to lead in faith, guide with love and inspire through learning…..


Vision Statement

In 2014 we set out to strengthen the three pillars upon which our community is built – Faith , Education and Service. Our school exists to continue to provide opportunities for all to come to know Christ in a personal way, this is the mission of a Catholic School.

Over the last 5 years we have continued to build an environment where students can feel comfortable and are encouraged to seek understanding of their emerging spirituality, that spirituality which prompts them to ask the deeper questions in life – questions about purpose, belief and faith.

To strengthen our pillar of education we have used current educational research to guide us, reflected on our teaching practices to help us identify what works in the classroom, shared our learning through our coaching structure, begun the journey of using data to evaluate our strategies and incorporated technology as a tool to assist our students as 21st century learners.

We have strengthened our commitment to service through our student leadership programs, the House System of Pastoral care where older students look after the younger members of their house, the Catholic Youth Ministry Program and Immersion program to the Solomon Islands, all opportunities for our students to put their faith into action.

As a school community we are committed to continuous improvement as no school can afford to be complacent about or feel that all that can be done to improve educational opportunities for students has been done. The world we are living in is changing constantly and so the education we provide our students must also change.


“Take courage, it is I ….Be not afraid“( Mt14:27) As a Catholic Community, we aspire to lead in faith, guide with love and inspire through learning.


Our new vision will say many things to many people but in essence it captures the most important beliefs and values that will guide and challenge this community in its decision-making, in its actions and its attitudes over the next four years – as we work with great passion to bring this vision to life for the benefit of our students.

St Peter's College Statement of Democratic Principles

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