Remote Learning



Thank you to Kate O’Hara, one of our Cranbourne Campus Teachers for her insight after just over a week of Remote Teaching & Learning.

Chris and myself are in a fairly unique situation with both of us teaching remotely and our three Primary school aged children learning remotely.

We both love our jobs and adore our children, always wanting the best for them, so this was going to be a challenge, but when we are forward thinking and organised it works out well.

Chris is set up in our caravan and I am in our kids’ playroom which is close to their bedrooms and has an excellent view of our backyard. We begin the day going through the tasks, our three children have to complete, and then we all retreat to our areas to begin our days.

I begin all of my classes with Webinar sessions and I am so pleased with how my students have adapted to this new way of teaching. When my students are confident with the task or I have a break then I use that opportunity to work with my children. Chris is the same.

It is a busy day, and quite exhausting to be honest, but we are certainly not alone and managing well, ending the day with a walk around our farm.

First and foremost, I am so pleased with how well the St. Peter’s College students I am teaching have adapted to Remote Learning. It is a credit to them and my colleagues.