Sculture and Garden of St Peter

The Sculpture and Garden of St Peter was blessed by our Bishop Christopher Prowse as part of our St Peter’s Feast Day celebrations this week.

The sculpture produced by artist Bart Sanciolo captures beautifully the contrasting human qualities of Peter, the apostle that denied Jesus but loved him the most. I hope this captivating work not only enhances our Identity proudly as a Catholic school but also becomes a place where we can reflect on what Jesus asked of Peter, how he responded and what this means in our own lives.

Mr Tim Hogan, Principal goes on to say "I thank all who have contributed to the Sculpture and Garden of St Peter, Artist Bart Sanciolo , the students whose art work adorns it , the staff whose thoughts on Peter helped bring it to life and the Parents & friends Association whose generous donation has made this tribute to Peter possible":

Pictured below.: Tim Hoagn, Tyson Tifere, Bishop Prowse, Skye Brennon and Bart Sanciolo

"St Peter Sculpture At Night"


The 2012 Annual Theme poster features the Peter Sculpture