St Peter’s College Clyde North Campus Opens St Peter’s Gates

St Peter’s Opens its Gates

Last Thursday, School Leaders, House Captains and Forum Leaders came together for the official opening of the “Gates of St Peter’s”. The installation of the gates occurred at the same time as the statue of St Peter and was blessed earlier in the term by Bishop Pat. The gates depicting St Peter’s net were opened by our school captains Lachie and Amer, together with our Principal Mr Hogan, after a small ceremony including a blessing. The words of the blessing are included below and are an attempt to capture some of the symbolism of this beautiful structure:
Lord, as we open St Peter’s gates for the first time, may they be a symbol of welcome to all
As we open these gates, may they be a sign of the opening of new opportunities.
As we open up these gates may they be a source and sign of your embracing love and
As we open up these gates may they be a symbol of opening all up to the learning opportunities that are presented at St Peters
We ask this Jesus Christ our lord and carer.