St. Peter’s College. Student Leadership

Introducing Our 2018 College Captains

2018 Connor O'Riordan

Connor O'Riordan, Sports Captain, Clyde North Campus

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I started at St Peter’s College in Year 7, 2013

Tell us about your family?
I live in a family of 6 with 3 brothers and my parents. My dads side of the family is Irish so unfortunately, we don’t see them much.

Tell us about your other interests?
I’m a passionate supporter of AFL, so I spend my time either watching it or playing it. There have been a few heartbreaks over the years following the Dees but by far the best local league is Tooradin. I’m also a big fan of shows like Arrow and American Dad. 

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying English, French, Drama, Psychology and Further Maths. After Year 12 I hope to move into the field of Psychology.

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
I chose not to do a VCE subject during Year 10, instead choosing to continue French.

College Annual Theme

but what I do have, I give to you

What does this mean to you? 
For me this statement isn’t necessarily about giving what you physically have to other people. It’s about helping people through the gifts you’ve been given. We should be there to help people and offer them support by using our strengths, as well as what we physically have, to try and help people. 

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
Throughout the year I want to try and help others, not just to be more active but also enjoy it when they are. I will try. Together with Nyakuar and the House Captains I want to provide opportunities for people to spend some time being active, not because they’re forced to but because they enjoy it.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?
As Sports Captain, I want to try to help people enjoy spending time being more active, by themselves and with their friends. 

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
To enjoy my last year and finish it as well as I can. I also want to maintain my friendships that I make throughout the year.

I want to break into the AFL Senior side at Tooradin and play consistent football. I also want to improve on the social side of my life.

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
The sense of enjoyment people get trying new things and being active.

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
I want to visit my family in Ireland and spend some time in France. After that I want to enjoy my football and study Psychology further.

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
I want to enjoy my sports and enter a field of work that I enjoy. I just want to be able to enjoy what I have and not dream about what I don’t.

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
We’re lucky to go to such a school as St. Peter's College and should take every advantage of the opportunities that it offers you.