St. Peter’s College. Student Leadership

Introducing our 2018 College Captains

2018 Natalia Girvasi

Natalia Girvasi, 2018 College Captain Clyde North Campus

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?

I started my studies at St Peter’s College in year 7 in 2013

Tell us about your family?

I live with my dad, stepmum and stepsister. We have two dogs and a turtle

Tell us about your other interests?

I love public speaking. I am also involved in a Council run Youth Group called Casey Youth Action Committee (CYAC) which identifies some issues the youth in Casey are faced with and work towards improving/fixing those issues

Year 12 Studies:

At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying:

VCE Economics Unit 3 & 4
VCE English Unit 3 & 4
VCE Health and Human Development
VCE Further Mathematics Unit 3 & 4
VCE Ethics & Morality

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?

Whilst in year 11, I completed year 12 (3/4) Legal Studies. This allowed me to see how much effort needs to be put in to achieve a good score

2018 College Annual Theme

but what I do have, I give to you

What does this mean to you?

Giving is not necessarily giving something material in nature, it could be kindness, love, respect, friendship etc. Even if you aren’t giving something material in nature, you can give someone love, respect, kindness etc.

It also means that even if I do not have much to give/share, I still will give what I can to help someone else out         

How will you live this theme throughout the year in your role?

I will live this statement throughout the year in my role by dedicating my time, effort, kindness and support to the members of our college community. Although I cannot give everyone what they may need or want, I will try to give as much as I can to make the members of our community to feel happy, loved, and supported on their journey this year.   

What are your goals for 2018?

For yourself in your role?

Empower others to step up and be leaders

Promote positivity

Encourage students to participate in events in school

For yourself as a Year 12 student?

Work to the best of my ability

Have a balance


Be more giving

Volunteer in the community a bit more

What would you like your legacy be for St. Peter’s College?

That we have created more leaders within the school

Students are more involved

That St Peter’s College is a family not just a school community

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College?

Go on a holiday

Undertake some work experience in the Family Court.

Either go to University to study Legal & Dispute Studies or get a job in the Family Court

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?

To be successful

To buy a house

To get married

To have children

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about pride in your College?

Have pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go. Our school is a place for learning, growing and coming together to empower one another to be the best people we can be